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MTV- Advocates of Safe Sex

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Way to teach safe sex, MTV!!

MTV administered this photograph  in a strategic, yet highly ineffective attempt, considering it was pulled from the airways almost immediately after its release, to heighten social awareness on the topic of safe sex to a younger generation. Kudos to MTV for reinforcing male violence in pornography, the lethality, fear and worship of the phallus while simultaneously presenting themselves as good Samaritans and advocates for sexual safety.
Allegedly, the advertisement team responsible for the release felt that pornography was the only way to deter the youth from engaging in risky sexual behavior that could potentially lead to STD’s and teen pregnancy. At a glance, the gun merely represents the dangers of unsafe sex, comparing the risks involved to a loaded pistol aimed right at the crotch. Clever, huh? A more in depth analyses might compare the gun to the ultimate phallic symbol of violence, ownership, and subjectivity as it’s lethal and something to be feared. It might compare the spread-eagle female model’s position to an open invitation. The gun replaces what is missing, or lacking rather, in femininity and reinforces the masculine gender role of violence.
I find it difficult to fathom a photo of a perfectly manicured woman with her legs spread an inspiration for birth control and a repellant for any heterosexual male. If MTV felt the need to use graphic images, would not a picture of an STD suffice? It seems that an add inducing a gag reflex rather than a pornographic ideal would be more effective.



March 12, 2010 at 9:07 pm