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Kristen Stewart? You mean that thing with the underbite?

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Is it just me, or is Kristen Stewart just incredibly annoying? Why is she on the cover of every magazine trying to look tough with her greasy hair draped over one eye?

 I’m sorry—it’s difficult for me to take you seriously as a teen outlaw type when that gargantuan jaw makes you look more down syndrome than desperado.

I would suggest learning to breathe through your nose.

Does anyone remember Stehanie Tanner from Full House? An uncanny resemblance, I’d say……

‘Oh I just love heroin! It makes me forget I

have the profile of a bulldog.’


Ewww!! Stephanie Tanner from Full House. Jodi Sweetin must’ve been the ugliest child star ever, aside from Danny Bonaduce that is.

Strangely enough though, Sweeten ended up being a far better bad ass than Kristen Stewart. She retired from acting before she was a legal adult, married a cop, and then he divorced her after he learned of her methamphetamine habit. You go Stephanie! Doing meth while married to a cop–now that takes balls.

FEAR: Stephanie ‘Balls’ Tanner




June 26, 2011 at 3:23 pm